ENVIRONMENTAL MOTORWORKS AND THE AUTOPROF EV AND HYBRID 7 DAY MASTER COURSE Next course: Sept 11th – 13th returning Sept 25th – 28th $5700.00 + HST

Over 80% eligible for reimbursement by COJG (Canada Ontario Job Grant)

Complete hands-on curriculum focused on hybrid and electric vehicle systems. High voltage safety and PPE will be discussed and demonstrated live. Proper “known good” data will be generated and reviewed to provide the necessary understanding of correct and incorrect operation. Major components and system are discussed, demonstrated and tested in vehicle. Propulsion, braking, steering, thermal management, and climate control are all broken down into theory and operation. Students will use lab scopes, scan tools and DVOMs as well as EV/Hybrid specific tools, on our fleet of vehicles to become fully proficient in safely diagnosing and repairing an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Contact Lisa Demers @ 1-800-361-6673 Ext 2037 lisa.demers@collegeboreal.ca  and register today